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Policy Manuals – Your best line of defense!

One very important step to take in making sure you protect your business is the Employee Handbook.

Sure; there is no legal obligation to publish one, and it may create unintended legal obligations for the employer. At the same time, you can craft it as a great tool and foundation to communicate your company’s vision, expectations, and goals to your employees. Nowadays, employees especially expect and appreciate having some set of guidelines to help understand the employer policies, practices, and procedures as well as their own employee responsibilities.

A great football coach may have a great team of players, but if there’s no playbook, confusion and chaos can quickly consume everyone. The Employee Handbook is your playbook to help ensure continued success between managers and employees. This article briefly highlights for you some key benefits, helpful tips, and distribution methods to get such a manual effectively in place.

Our accounting and payroll staff provide the highest quality payroll, human resources information and technology available, backed by a dedicated and personal support team. Our core purpose is to make your life easier by contributing to your business’ success.

We are confident our online HR knowledge management system, will help you manage your most valuable asset: Your Employees. We encourage you to log into this resource as often as possible.

With our HR Support Center you will be able to read articles, download a handbook, forms and job descriptions, and research laws as well as access an extensive HR knowledgebase that has answers to your employment and relationship questions and much more.  Personalized HR support is available from competent, experienced professionals.  Please inquire on how we can help you.

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