Millennium Payroll Solutions

Why Use Millennium?


We know it is the job of a payroll service provider to make the payroll process as convenient as possible for the client. We also know that different clients will have different needs. For these reasons we provide a great deal of flexibility to our clients. We offer several methods of payroll input, payroll pick-up, and reporting.


Our pricing is more than competitive with the national providers and local firms. Our pricing structure is not designed to deceive you with hidden fees or increase after an introductory period. We will provide you a customized written quote detailing the services we will provide and the pricing for those services.


We have made the commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology and changes in the payroll industry. We continually strive to increase our technological capability through redundant servers, firewalls, and information systems design. You can rest assured that we will rely on more than just computers to process your payroll. We have trained payroll professionals to ensure your payroll is accurate.

About Us

Millennium Payroll Solutions LLC Is a locally owned payroll service bureau in Little Rock, Arkansas serving businesses across the nation since 2000.

Many clients are surprised by the investments made in the latest technology and the data safeguards put in place by Millennium. These measures speak to Millennium’s commitment to providing security, user-friendliness, flexibility, data access and efficiency, as well as a long-term presence in the market.

Millennium Payroll is an excellent choice for your company if you are wasting time doing your own payroll or if you are unhappy with your current processor. Millennium provides hassle-free, affordable payroll solutions while catering to the specialized business needs of their clients.

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